Repair Tack Strip Pop-Outs

Removing carpet from a concrete floor is a time consuming process. Carpet still requires tack strips, and tack strips usually nail into the sub-floor. Removing tack strips from a concrete floor leaves behind small nail holes along the outside perimeter of the concrete floor. A blended cement patch compound does a good job of covering up carpet tack holes on concrete floor. However, preparation of the holes and the surrounding concrete is necessary to ensure a strong patch. The Concrete Colorist has become a master of hiding these little holes. This week I will discuss how to hide the holes … Continue reading Repair Tack Strip Pop-Outs


Top Ten List of Things (Not To Do) There are lots of good “how to” articles out there for acid staining decorative concrete floors. It’s good to learn about all the things that you need to do. There’s also some things that you just shouldn’t do. Avoid these mistakes and you’ll stand a much better chance of creating a beautiful acid stained concrete floor. Top ten things not to do when acid staining a concrete floor. It’s pretty easy to find “how to” articles about acid staining concrete floors. Some of them are pretty good. Whenever I’m learning something new … Continue reading TOP TEN THINGS (NOT TO DO)


Whether you are an architect, contractor, or homeowner, the best time to call The Concrete Colorist (817-723-5003) is before the building slab is poured. Then we can provide you with timely information on how to finish the foundation slab in a way which will lead to the most successful staining job possible. Even if staining is only one of several options which you are considering, the suggestions we make will save you labor and money if you do choose acid staining, and will do no harm should you decide on a more conventional floor covering such as tile or stone. … Continue reading HOW OUR COMPANY WORKS


ACID STAIN COST Everyone wants to know how much Acid Stained Floors or a Concrete Overlay costs. This most often comes up on a phone conversation. Without seeing the area, this is really like asking “How long is a piece of string?” There are a range of prices depending on several factors. Payment Terms are covered at the bottom of the page. Before listing prices, take a look at some other flooring costs. Almost all available flooring material is listed/priced by the Square Foot (Sq Ft): Carpet – This option runs around $3.00 ~ $6.00 Sq Ft. Things affecting the … Continue reading ACID STAIN COST VS. OTHER FLOORING


Now you can have the garage floor that you have often wanted. Other than garage floor or concrete paint, epoxy is perhaps the least costly material accessible to protect your garage floor. Epoxy will not only improve the glimpse of one’s garage and give it a sheen, but will seal the concrete. Garage floor epoxy gives the average homeowners garage a bright and professional appearance. Epoxy treated garage floors are smooth, providing an easy to sweep and clean surface that resists staining from fluids such as oil. There is a wide range of colors and designs offered to suite practically … Continue reading EPOXY GARAGE FLOORS